Monday, July 3, 2017

Moving on...

Well, some of you may have heard the rumors, and I'm here to tell you...
Me, my blog and my randomness have relocated to a new website! From this post onward you can find me at:
or for the new home of the "Adventures in Insomnia" Blog: 

both of which now load into the new, super shiny and way more organized Everyn website. If you were subscribed to the old RSS feed here you will unfortunately need to subscribe to the new RSS again. Mailing list subscribers have already been moved to the new list, so no need to re-subscribe for that.

I will be leaving this Blogspot site up as an archive, rather than transferring all the post from the past four years (last time was a nightmare!)

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me! On to bigger and more productive things!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

CURSE is finally HERE!!!

It has technically been "here" since Thursday, but I've been making tweaks to the formatting (which I think you'll LOVE when you see it!) and getting the paperbacks put together... also, waiting for each of the online retailers to pick it up so I could provide you with all the links at one go.
Aren't the new covers pretty? I can't wait to get ALL the paperbacks updated to match Curse (This summer! More info to come later! Squeeeee!!!)
Curse paperbacks haven't gone live yet, but barring any hang-ups, they should be available by the end of this weekend. I'll update as soon as they go up for sale.

If you prefer your words digital, you can currently get your hot hands on Curse from the following online retailers:

I know some of you have been waiting, like forever for me to get this one out. I hope it was worth the wait. 🖤

All the best,

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This time it's for REAL... The "Cursed" Book Commeth!

OKay! I promised another announcement this week, and here it is:

1) The *NEW* cover for Curse (to match the others)
2) Updated blurb (because I never liked the old one anyway)
3) An official E.T.A. on Book Four (I'm almost done!!!) 

Oh yes, the Everyn has been busy! After a seemingly idle start to what had been a promising 2017, I've kicked it into high gear and expect to publish the ebook versions of Curse A WEEK FROM TOMORROW: June 22, 2017. I will try to get the paperback version up at the same time, but if I can't then I should have it available by the following week.


Curse (The Crow Series: Book Four)

Raise hell and take back what is yours!
Denora Garro doesn’t want to be found. The safety of her friends and loved ones depends on it. After another unexpected act of betrayal, she’s more determined than ever to free her brothers on her own.
With her mother’s journal in the palm of her hand, Denora is finally putting all the pieces together - unraveling the mystery of Silas’ century old curse, as well as Leena's true intentions for her and her brothers. Her search guides the wayward young woman through time, showing her the New York of the distant past, and hinting at a dark and impending future. 
Will Denora's new discoveries lead her to the closure she so desperately seeks, or will they lead her straight into the clutches of her enemies? 
When it comes to love and fate, there is no room for doubt.

Until next week!
Much love 💜

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A new cover for Release!

It's been a week since I unveiled the new cover and blurb for Book Two. Those of you with good pattern-spotting abilities will correctly guess that I'm about to announce the new treatment for the third book today.

Seeing how I have a million things left to do, I won't delay (besides, I'm so pleased with this new cover I think it speaks for itself!)

Without further ado, here's the new cover for Release:

The new blurb for Book Three:

Not just her heart - but her life is on the line.
Denora Garro has seen her fair share of trouble. She’s street-smart, wickedly sarcastic, and recklessly bold.
She’s also horribly impatient.
After months of idle waiting, Denora can’t stand it any longer. She’s made no progress on her brothers’ curse, her mothers’ secrets remain just out of reach, and she hasn’t heard a word from Silas since he ran off with her enemy.
When a once in a lifetime Clandestine Event is arranged, both friends and enemies unexpectedly return - along with Denora’s hope for a cure. With each step forward, her family’s secrets come into the light. Betrayal comes from someone she least expects, and her enemies take a prize that shatters Denora’s faith in family.
As everything you love goes up in flames, what else can you do but raise hell and take back what is yours!

*Yes, we did switch the color scheme for Release from purple to green. Those who have read the story already probably know why. Let's just say, the green powder she is blowing off her hands on the new cover comes from an integral scene in the book and just made more sense - that and purple becomes more of a theme in the later two books (*cough - D gets purple hair - cough*).

I'm off to my editing cave. I'll be back next week with a new announcement! 😁😸