Friday, May 29, 2015

One Year After Crow (Thoughts and a Giveaway)

I've been gone from the blog for quite awhile, but I assure you I've been VERY busy. I'm not going to get into details, except to say I've got a lot of work in the steampipe, just nothing ready to release (yet!)

The third book in The Crow Series is finished and in the editing stages. I don't have an e.t.a. yet for its release, as I'm also splitting my time with a bit of a sideproject at the moment, but I hope to get it out to you in the next two months *crosses fingers*

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Crow's initial release. I can't believe it has been a year already! Though sales have been slow and there have been quite a few bumps along the way, I feel like I have learned a lot and continue learning and trying new things everyday.

To celebrate the anniversary of the series' beginning, the second book in the series, Shift, will be free  in ebook form through Amazon from today until Sunday May 31st. If you've read the first book and have been waiting for a good time to pick up the second, this just might be your lucky day! :D

And please remember - if you read it, please consider leaving a review! Reviews help author's more than you can imagine and despite being read, Shift is still fairly review-deficient :(

With that, I'll say I hope you're all having a fabulous week and stay out of that heat!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Okay, I admit, I don't really do Valentine's Day - though I like the sentiment and have no problem wishing people a Happy Day of Love. 

Love is awesome and should be celebrated - everyday, not just on February 14th.

Perhaps because my birthday is less than a week later, I've always looked forward to that more than to "V-Day", as I used to call it. Flowers are nice, and I like chocolate, but I have no intention of forcing my significant other to purchase these things on a particular day when all the stores jack the prices up because it's "a holiday". As it stands, my husband is annoyed because I forbid him to buy me anything this morning before he left for work. Also, it's practically impossible to get into any restaurant in the city without a reservation months in advance. Not that I mind, 'cause I prefer Diner food.
Okay, end Valentine's Day random rambling...

I've decided to celebrate V-Day with you all by posting a slightly steamy sneak peek at one of the scenes in the new Crow book I've been working on. Please, keep in mind, the third Crow book is still a work-in-progress and none of this has been edited yet (basically, this isn't the final version of this scene and it may change a bit between now and when it's completed).
Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below!

He didn’t respond to my thinly veiled accusation. His eyes were digging into mine and something inside him seemed to snap - his expression changing from sad to seductive, as if he’d been asleep and now suddenly he was on fire. A devilish grin spread across his face, his eyes devouring me where I sat across from him. The look in his eyes, like a hungry animal about to pounce, set my heart racing. I turned my head as we pulled into the next station and watched as the passengers passed in and out of the doors.

The train-car emptied out, leaving us alone. I watched as the doors slid closed, the florescent lights overhead flickering. The train jutted forward, pulling us back into the tunnel.

Silas stood, pulling me quickly up to my feet, and the train rocked, causing us both to topple back into the train doors.

The look grew more intense, his green eyes almost glowing. Silas' hands slid down my arms, pulling my wrists up over my head and trapping them against the cold metal door as he dropped lingering kisses down my neck. He started slowly, just under my ear and traveling across my skin to my collarbone. Each touch of his lips sent hot tingles of pleasure through me - my mind lost in delirious joy. His hands slid back down my arms, his gentle touch leaving goosebumps in their wake before they traced the curve of my waist, hovering just above my hips. His fingers gently caressed the hem of my t-shirt, brushing against the skin that peeked between my shirt and my jeans

Deep inside, my brain was trying to tear me out of my lustful daze, reminding me that we’d be pulling into the next station soon. I slipped my hands under his chin, gently pulling his mouth away. The ravenous glint in his eyes when they locked with mine pulled me back under, our lips colliding, our bodies pressed up hard against the door as the lights overhead flickered again.

“We need to stop.” I whispered into his mouth. He growled playfully in response, pulling me closer. “Silas, I’m serious.” I kissed him hard and he sighed, his grip relaxing around my waist.

“I’m just not ready to let go yet. I feel like I get little tastes of you and it’s never enough. Then I’m left fiending until the next time I have you in my arms again.” His chest was heaving against mine and he leaned forward, pressing our foreheads together as he attempted to restrain himself. “I should get off at the next stop and walk the rest of the way.” He said, slowly prying his hands away from my body. He took a forceful step back before lifting his gaze to meet mine. His eyes were still heavy-lidded as he peered at me regretfully from under his eyebrows.

The space grew slightly brighter as we pulled into the station. When the train shuddered to a stop, Silas took one more step backwards, a determined set to his jaw, and then he disappeared like a blur through the doors as people pushed their way inside. I sat back down in the seat beside the window.

The doors slid closed just as a set of brilliant green eyes caught mine on the other side of the window. His lips spread into a slow smile and he mouthed the words, “Smile, Beautiful. I’ll see you soon.”

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Seeing Double?

Why are there two versions of the website?

So, a lot has happened since the beginning of the year. If you read my last post, you're aware of the sudden "shift" (oooo heehee, I see what you did there!) into working on Crow again and the changes to the series that I'm considering.

That's not what I asked about.

Sorry - I'm still so wrapped up in the third Crow book (especially since I will probably have the first draft finished in the next two weeks) that it's still taking up a lot of my focus.

Back to the point - I'm having a bit of an issue / disagreement with my current website host. As we're now looming closer to my birthday again (32? that sounds about right) we're also nearing the two year anniversary of the blog. I went to renew with my host for another year, only to find out things that I didn't feel right about (like doubling my hosting fee every year? wtf?)

Basically, the blog is moving. I have until February 18th to move everything over to the new format. It was an unexpected project that got tossed into my lap at the last minute like a rampant, hungry possum - fur and teeth and fury flying everywhere. I had hoped to take the rest of this week to finish up the new Crow book, but I'm now having to get things settled with the blog instead.

*Sigh* I suppose Denora and Conner can hang out in Central Park a little longer. I just hope Maeve doesn't get any mischievous ideas or I may come back to some new developments and have to re-arrange the series all over again...

So, you're just moving?

Yep - luckily I can upload all my old posts from the past two years. I've got the template all set up now, and because of the move I've had to combine the Author Blog page and The Crow Series page into one website. So far I'm really liking the newer look and to be honest I've been planning a major overhaul and update to the blog for awhile now and just keep getting sidetracked with writing. I'm working my way through the old posts and re-posting them. Once I'm done, I'll start adding some of the new stuff I've been wanting to do (like *cough cough* those teasers on the new books).

If you have any other burning questions for me, shoot them out in the comments and I'll get back to you.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Well, I seemed to have gotten incredibly sidetracked in the last month - as in, all my new year plans have already gotten tossed out the window, but I'm enjoying myself so much that I don't really care.

I wrote a few more chapters into The Piper's Song and suddenly found myself craving some more Silas and Conner. Basically, I got hit with a sledgehammer of inspiration and got all tangled up with Denora again.

In the past two and a half weeks I've written over half of the first draft on the third Crow book, so on that tip I'm actually way ahead of schedule, since I wasn't planning to start the third book until February.

On the other hand, Denora and Conner seem to have completely derailed certain plans I had for the book (those two - seriously? Why can't they just behave and leave things alone? lol) and now I'm reconsidering several aspects of the series I had previous thought immovable.

  • The first is the title for the third book - Curse. Because my characters got sidetracked, the reason I wanted to call it "Curse" is now more applicable to the next book instead, so I may end up changing it and using Curse later.  I haven't decided yet, but when I do I'll update you on the new title.


  • Yes, I did say "next book" and not "final book". Because of the change in the plot and certain other aspects of the story which I've realized need a little more time to be unfolded, I'm considering extending the series by one (possibly two?) more books. I won't stretch it more than that, because the story doesn't need to be drawn out that far needlessly. I'm shooting for only one but I'm leaving myself open for a sixth book just in case. If, at some point in the future, I miss the characters and want to revisit their world, I'll start a new separate series.

I don't really mind having to extend the series, since I love these characters and their exploits. Their trouble-making and bickering amuse me to no end (I love to make Denora and Silas fight - my husband rolls his eyes at me, but it's true). I don't mind spending more time with these characters - not at at all!

I've already got ideas for a spin-off series, but I haven't developed it, as I don't want to tie myself down to another set of books in this world just yet. There are other tales that need to be told first (like Piper's... sorry Piper, I'll get back to you soon!)

How do you feel about more Crow books? Let me know in the comments.

Well, that's all for now.
Happy Reading!