Sunday, May 22, 2016

So much to do, So little time

If you haven't seen my updates on Facebook recently:

I've finished the first drafts of both Curse (Crow Series Book Four) and the first draft on my Steampunk Fantasy book, Songbird of Souls. I somehow managed to get both written in less than a month, which astonishes me. With all the crazy personal issues I've experienced since starting my publishing journey in 2013, I'd been averaging two books a year.

This gives me hope.
With all the uncertainty over my strange illness this past year, it's amazing and uplifting for me to be able to work like this. There are so many stories I want to write - and half the time I worry if I'll ever be able to get through them all (I literally have like five years worth of books waiting in the wings to be finished).

The next few weeks are going to be hectic for me. Doctors appointments, MRIs, my son's third birthday (damn, that was fast. Where did the time go?) and I'd planned to take a break from writing until the beginning of June when I intend to start editing Curse and getting it ready for release. Still no official publishing date on the next book in the Crow Series, but I hope to have it out sometime this summer. I've already got the cover almost finished. :D

I'm really eager to wrap up the last two books in The Crow Series this year, but it's also slightly daunting. After being with these characters in their world for so long now, I'm almost sad to see it end. On the other hand, I'm also anxious to start sharing the new steampunk fantasy series I've been working on. I've got lots of fun things coming up but it also means I have A LOT of work to do.

Which, I suppose, I should get back to.

Signing off,

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Morning's Ruminations

Good Morning Lovely Readers!
Things have gone well since my post last week. I was swept up in such an intense surge of inspiration, I finished the first draft of Curse a whole week earlier than I'd anticipated!
*shakes pom poms excitedly*
I've set the draft aside for a few weeks to breathe before I dive into the editing, and in the meantime I've been working on the first draft of another book I'd left on the wayside for a while (not part of The Crow Series).

I'm feeling good and writing my little butt off. I intend to dive into the second draft of Curse starting June 1st and will set the release date once I've made enough headway on it to have confidence in how long it will take me to finish. One way or another, you'll be getting Book Four sometime this summer.

And then - just one book left to wrap up the series.
I'm already feeling nostalgic now that we're almost at the end. When I started this series in 2014 I'd originally thought it would be four books and I'd wrap it up within a year - BOY, was I in over my head! I guess it just goes to show, this is still a learning process.

How I write - How often I can write - How quickly I can publish.

You never really know your limits or what you're capable of until you try. I've learned a lot about myself and my own personal writing process while working on this series and for that alone it will always hold a special place in my heart. Though continuous issues have slowed me down - that's just how life is. You have to roll with the punches, take each day as it comes and try again with each new dawn if you don't succeed today.

Don't give up and give it time.
I'm still nowhere near successful with my work, but I'm loving it everyday.
I suppose I'm rambling now. Those are just my thoughts this morning.

So for now, I'll say this:

Thank you for reading. I appreciate my readers more than you know and I hope my scribblings take you far from your daily trivialities and let you dream for a while. Because dreaming is part of living too, and stories make us who we are.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Updates on Curse!

So, as many of you have guessed, my health took another turn for the worst towards the end of February. Luckily, I'd gotten Release finished before I started to feel ill again. I was forced to take a few months off to rest, re-couperate and refocus. My doctors and I are now hard at work running tests and trying to get to the bottom of my recurring mysterious health issues...

But in the meantime, I've gotten back to work on the fourth book in The Crow Series. In the past week alone I've written about half of the first draft on Curse and barring any unforeseen circumstances, I expect to have the first draft completed in the next few days! Yay! I can't express how excited I am and how much I'm enjoying working on the story again. We're on the downward slope of the series, so things are moving pretty hard and fast at this point - questions being answered and mysteries being revealed. It's both exhilarating and sad at the same time, as I can see the series coming to an end in front of me and I'm missing the characters already. lol

I'm not sure yet how long it will take me to get the editing completed after the first draft is done so I'm not going to set a release date yet. I just wanted to let you all know that I didn't just disappear and the book is in the works. I'm having a lot of fun playing with Denora and her friends and I hope you'll enjoy the next installment of the series as much as I'm enjoying writing it.

I know there's not a lot of people who get to do what they love everyday, and for that I'm incredibly lucky. I've only got about a handful of chapters left to write for Curse and I'm already putting together my ideas for the final book in the series. I've got lots to do and I'm reveling in it.

So, I hope you're all having a fabulous Friday and here's to a productive weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday!

Allrighty! Last teaser for Release, incoming:

Release - The Crow Series Book Three:


I had left my door ajar and a cool breeze kissed my cheek as I stepped into my room. I was immediately glad I’d left the window open as I spied three black-feathered mounds deep asleep on my pillow.
They must have come in to get out of the rain.
I smiled to myself, sinking onto the open area in the middle of my bed.
Feathers ruffled in front of my face as Felix lifted his beak and fixed me with curious eyes.
“I saw Silas today.” I whispered, reaching out and running my fingers down his back. My spirit soared as I uttered the words.
After all these months, all the waiting, all the obstacles…
“I miss you so much.” I murmured, rolling onto my back to stare up at the ceiling, “It almost feels like a whole other life since I’ve seen your face.” Felix squawked in response and I sighed, “Or heard your voice.” He slowly rose up, his sharp talons sinking into the plush pillow as he moved closer to me. “Shit, what I wouldn’t give just to talk to you - like, really talk to you. You’ve always had a knack for setting me straight when I’m fucking up…”
Felix tilted his head to the side, his small black eyes considering me.
“Am I fucking up, Felix?” I breathed, a shudder creeping up my spine, “What if it’s all a lie?”
Despite Silas’ re-assurances, my mind kept going back to what he’d said on the train.
I startled from my thoughts as Felix nuzzled his beak against the side of my face. I could almost imagine the way he used to affectionately kiss my cheek when I was worried. He settled into the crook of my elbow as I rolled onto my side, leaning his beak over the surface of my arm.
“I love you too.” I whispered, smiling as I drifted off to sleep.

I hope you liked all the sneak peeks at book three. Release is officially out in ebook and paperback through Amazon. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, what are you waiting for? lol
Seriously though, I really enjoyed writing this book, even with all the delays and hiccups along the way. I hope you enjoy the newest installment of The Crow Series.

Pssst... I've already started working on Book Four. Crossing my fingers it doesn't take a whole year like the last one :P

Have a lovely week!